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Chapelle Russe à Saint Hilaire


Monument de Navarin


Monument de la 1ère Victoire de la Marne à Mondement


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Monument américain du Blanc Mont


Mémorial national des Batailles de la Marne à Dormans


Site de la Main de Massiges


Ossuaire de la Gruerie

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Between 1914 and 1918

The location of the monument symbolically marks the German troops' crossing of Marne in 1914 and 1918, thus threatening Paris on two occasions.

The Dormans Memorial, a national monument in Romano-Gothic style, is the emblematic edifice of the two battles of the Marne. It overlooks the Marne valley, providing visitors with an unobstructed view of the battlefield of summer 1918 from its rampart walk.

The position of the Memorial, determined by Marshal Foch himself, was erected between 1921 and 1931 at the instigation of the Duchess of Estitac, Cardinal Luçon and Monseigneur Tissier. With its imposing architecture, it pays homage to the victims of the Great War but also to the victims of the conflicts that followed. The site of the monument symbolically marks the German troops' crossing of Marne in 1914 and 1918, thus threatening Paris on two occasions. But it was also in this sector that the last German offensive thrusts were contained by the allied forces (French, American, Italian and British troops).


This exceptional architectural ensemble sums up all the amplitude of the human sacrifice of the Great War. The route encourages contemplation through the crypt, the upper chapel, the cloisters, the lantern of the dead and the ossuary where the bones of soldiers of all nationalities are kept together.

The path, which goes around the castle, leads the visitor through a 25-hectare wooded park and after crossing a walkway that begins the climb, the Memorial appears from the angle of a striking elevation. A museographical area tells us about the daily lives of the soldiers, notably through a collection of trench crafts. Exhibitions connected to the first global conflict are presented every year.




A land of history and memory,

Still today Marne carries deep scars bearing witness to the bitterness of the ceaseless fighting that continued throughout the Great War.

Use this timeline to discover the major dates of this conflict, the chronology of the fighting, the key personalities and also the repercussions of the international and national events on a local level.

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